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In an ever progressive environment it is the intent of the News Letter Ministry to keep the members and friends of EBC abreast of EBC News and Activity Highlights in a timely manner.  In doing so, we are phasing out our current News Letter format and replacing it with individual activity highlights and news articles of interest, as they occur.   

EBC Newsletter Ministry 

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Lend A Hand 2017
VBS 2017
 Lend A Hand 2016
 Lend A Hand 2015
 Lend A Hand 2014
 3 Types of Savings You Should Have Right Now
 Reconcile your Checking Account
 Simple Principal To Manage Your Money Well
 10 Ways To Gain Financial Freedom
 Teach Your Children




Why Should You Memorize Scripture
You Don't Have To Forget
God Is The Only Road To Happiness
Ask Seek Knock
I Am So Much Better Than I Use To Be
 2017 High School Graduates
 Nita Kay Thomas 2017 Scholarship Award
  Nita Kay Thomas 2016 Scholarship Award
 Nita Kay Thomas 2016 Special Acknowledgement
 Nita Kay Thomas 2015 Scholarship Award